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Choosing Between Strategic vs. Tactical Text Message Marketing

Posted byGuest

February 12th 2019

Choosing Between Strategic vs. Tactical Text Message Marketing

You will need a proper marketing plan to grow your business and for that, you have either one or both of strategic as well as tactical marketing plans. However, it is essentially important to keep both these two platforms distinct.

Most business owners especially the small business owners often commit this common mistake of assuming that all forms of marketing essentially and inevitably end up as “tactical” marketing. They do so because they are often confused by the common features of marketing that includes placing advertisements, sending out brochures and mailers, generating leads, and most recently text messaging.

  • However, the strategic marketing plan focuses more on the meaning of the messages sent and the possibilities of establishing a communication with the business prospects and consumers. It is more concerned about the content of your message, and who it is meant for and what you want to say through it.
  • On the other hand, if you simply put it tactical marketing is more about the execution of your marketing plan. This involves several aspects such as the medium through which you deliver the messages.

Most business owners follow both strategic marketing plan as well as tactical marketing plan but in both the situations the primary focus of the business is and should be on making sure that the overall customer situations blend perfectly with the overall direction of your company. It is required that you do not to get distracted or veer from your course of the direction. You must at every step of your strategic marketing plan focus on the development of your communication and relationship.

It’s an only better execution of your plan that will put you in the intended course that will enable you to reach the goals and overall vision of your company.

Content & execution

When it comes to text messaging for small business all your focus should be on the content as well as on the execution. However, it is difficult to say which should be your utmost priority. Knowing about the features and characteristics may help you make your choice.

  • There are several companies that focus more on selling more even before they know about the ways in which they can provide a proper solution to the varied and unique needs of their consumers. They follow this procedure exactly, in the same manner, every single time and across all types of business.
  • However, as a marketer, it is your responsibility and primary objective to pay attention to the nature of your consumers. You must research a bit about human nature and have proper insights regarding how they make their purchasing decisions and design your texts accordingly so that it provides proper value to their beliefs.
  • Strategically, advertising, texting or any other form of marketing program should be designed as per the target market with attention to the prospects that will expedite their decision making. This, in turn, will lower the risks for the buyers to take the next step in their buying process.
  • You will also need to understand the importance of and to your target market. If you do so and react properly to make the desired offers through texts you will not only be able to reach out to the more targeted audience but will also put together a strategy that will be useful to get more qualified prospects.

All these will encourage making them a call and in turn, will reduce your sales cycle and at the same time will increase your possibilities for conversion ratios.

If you consider the tactical execution aspect once your strategy is in place, it must essentially consist of testing and implementing of the plan itself. This is an important aspect to consider because, believe it or not, there is a business-to-business relation among several companies. There are a few specific features and characteristics to know regarding these B2B transactions as well. These are:

  • It is useful for marketing to businesses that are your customers or clients
  • These transactions are counted as customer situations
  • It means combining several factors such as the industry sector segmentation and the product use

It also considers all other factors that are related to the final purchasing decisions. These factors include all purchase criteria, decision motivators, its effects, size of the enterprise, and others.

Knowledge of all these factors and attributes will help you to build a strong and personal relationship with other businesses and at the same time help you to focus on ways in which you can provide customized products and services. It will also help you to anticipate the needs of your business as well as your clients.

Same principles prevail

Business is obviously a much larger entity than a single customer and therefore the needs can be different and varied. However, the principles to reach out to them are almost the same and therefore you will need to encompass all useful features while developing a message before texting it.

It is important that you have a keen sense of service and make your consumers feel important. Pay special attention to their needs and develop a message that will help you to communicate with them in the best possible way.

Your marketing message must serve as your message blueprint that will accurately reflect you as well as your brand. It must describe the core of your business and the clients along with the future prospects and offers. The whole idea of a great marketing message is to make it easy and quick to understand for your current clients, partners, and vendors. In short, it must be always on target and consistent.

The elements of the marketing messages come in different forms and suits different marketing purposes and circumstances. The components of your marketing message are:

  • Elevator speech
  • The headline on your web page
  • The headline for the sales page or ad or flyer
  • Voicemail message
  • Author resource box on podcasts and articles
  • Tagline
  • Email signature
  • The title for an article, seminar or workshop
  • A logo and
  • An email campaign

Remember that your marketing message needs to grab your prospect’s attention and show how you can solve their problem.